Juan’s care went well beyond cancer treatments.
When he was diagnosed with cancer, Juan was really scared and thought his life was over. He had no idea that our advanced treatments would help save his life, or that music would be a part of his care. His music therapist helped turn his cancer treatments into an uplifting experience. “They made me forget about the cancer, the treatments, and it just took my mind somewhere else.” HSHS St. John’s Hospital cares about kids.
St. John’s Hospital is home to the only children’s hospital in the area.

“It’s not what we do, but how we do it,” explains Sister Mary Ann Minor, OSF.
We put respect, care, competence and joy at the center of everything we do. From your surgeon to our colleagues who clean your room, everyone at St. John’s is here for you and your family. We recognize a hospital visit can be stressful, but it is our goal to deliver the best patient experience possible while you are at St. John’s. Your experience means everything to us. We will listen to you, keep you informed and provide a safe healing environment. HSHS St. John’s cares about your experience.
Living our mission since 1875.

The Mizeurs knew St. John’s provides a higher level of care for moms and babies.
This is why they delivered Kinsley at HSHS St. John’s Women and Infants Center. If there were any complications, they knew St. John’s was the only hospital in the area with NICU, a special unit that cares for premature and seriously ill babies. When baby Kinsley’s heartbeat started slowing with contractions, the care team never left Amber’s side. “They were very nurturing, loving and warm. I felt like they were my friends, not nurses. They cared.” HSHS St. John’s Hospital cares about you and your baby.
St. John’s Hospital is the only hospital in the area with a NICU.

Thanks to advanced technology, Leonard quickly returned to what he loves after knee surgery.
As the only hospital in Springfield to invest in the Mako robot, our patients can recover faster and are left with minimal scarring after surgery. This technology gives our surgeons a whole new level of visualization and accuracy for partial knee, total knee and hip replacements. They are able to carefully remove the damaged area and insert an implant with precision. Leonard had very little pain and was back working on his farm and playing with his grandkids a few weeks after his total-knee replacement. HSHS St. John’s cares about technology.
St. John’s Hospital is only hospital in Springfield with the Mako robot.