Surgery patient instructions


Pre-Admission Testing

Depending on the surgery you are having and your general physical condition, your doctor may order certain tests to be completed before your surgery date.

If you have not been contacted by Pre-Admission Testing at least four days before your scheduled procedure or if you have any questions concerning your procedure, please call (217) 814-8244, so that we can answer your questions, and make an appointment to complete pre-registration, pre-admission testing and a nursing history.

Online Pre-Registration

Please go online prior to your arrival and pre-register. You may also contact us by phone at (217) 535-3797.

Check List

This list will help prepare you for your procedure. Please arrive on time.
Insurance Forms and Cards
Bring all cards at the time of admission. Please present school- or work-related forms on admission.
Advance Directives
If you have completed an Advance Directive, please provide them so we have a copy on file.
Clothing and Belongings
Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Leave jewelry and valuables at home. If you will be staying overnight, leave your suitcase with your family until you are admitted to a hospital room.
Ride Home
Due to the anesthesia you will be receiving, you must have a responsible adult drive you home.
Medical History and Test Results
Bring all forms from your physician(s) with you. Take only the medication your physician or nurse tells you to take on the morning of surgery, with only a sip of water. Don’t forget to bring a list of all medications you are taking.
Food and Liquids
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before surgery, unless instructed by your physician. Do not chew gum or eat candy. This reduces the likelihood of vomiting or breathing in stomach contents during surgery.
If you feel ill or have a fever, call your physician. It may be necessary to postpone your surgery.
Due to the potential for abnormal lab results we ask that you refrain from smoking after midnight before your surgery.

Day of Procedure

Our staff will answer your questions and prepare you for your procedure by completing necessary paperwork and physician orders, assisting you in changing into a patient gown and starting an IV.
If you require anesthesia, an anesthesiologist will talk with you and review your medical history.
Your arrival time is determined by your surgeon. The actual time your surgery begins may vary due to unanticipated delays or revisions to the operating room schedule.

After the Procedure

Recovery Room/Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
After surgery, you will be taken to the Recovery Room or PACU where you will be closely monitored for 2 or 3 hours until you are ready for discharge or moved to a patient room. A volunteer or staff member will notify your family and friends of your arrival to the recovery room and keep them informed of your progress. If you are admitted to a patient room, your family will be notified of your room number so they may be reunited with you.
Outpatient Discharge
When you have recovered from anesthesia, we will help you prepare to go home. For your safety, you must have someone drive you home. We recommend someone stay with you for the next 24 hours. You and the person staying with you will be given discharge instructions. Please follow all instructions given to you by the hospital staff and your physician. We encourage you to call your physician with any questions you may have once you get home. If you feel that it is an emergency please contact or visit our Emergency Department.