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Clinical Pastoral Education Program Outline

HSHS St. John’s offers a four-quarter, part-time, extended curriculum for both entry level and more advanced CPE students (Levels I and II) pursuing professional chaplaincy as a career and those who plan to become board certified chaplains. At the same time, the program can accommodate those students who only need one or two units of CPE to complete degree programs, to meet basic requirements for employment as chaplains, or who simply wish to enhance their ministerial skills and competencies. Level I syllabus

As with other ACPE programs, each unit of Level I or Level II CPE provides between 400 - 500 hours of supervised training, with 100 - 160 hours of structured group and individual education with a supervised clinical practice in ministry. Program hours for the first two weeks of each unit are 4 - 10 p.m., Monday - Thursday evenings. Following that, classes are on Monday evenings from 4:30 - 9:30 p.m. Attendance at all orientation sessions is a program requirement.

Our extended units are designed in a one-room schoolhouse format to accommodate new and more advanced CPE students in the same unit of training. Accommodations are made for each student’s learning goals and styles.

A student enrolling in an initial unit of CPE will be expected to accomplish his/her clinical ministry, approximately 300 hours or 10-12 hours per week, by visiting patients during assigned shifts, such as 3-11, 11-7. Accommodations to these hours may be made in special situations and this has to be negotiated prior to enrollment. A student with prior CPE may elect to do shift work, or he/she may accomplish his/her clinical ministry by visiting patients in a specific area, or do a combination of shift work along with having an area of specialization. It may be possible for a student to accomplish her/his clinical ministry elsewhere, such as in another health care facility, correctional facility, parish, hospice care agency, or industrial/business location. This requires a written agreement with the outside facility/agency and the student is then responsible for additional tuition.

Application process

Applications should be sent directly to Fr. Charles Hart, ACPE Certified Educator. A $50 application fee, payable to St. John's Hospital- CPE should accompany each application. This fee is non-refundable and is not applied toward tuition. Tuition for a unit of CPE is $750, or $650 if paid in full prior to the start of the unit. Limited scholarship assistance is available for persons experiencing financial hardships.

Fr. Charles Hart, OFM, M.Div.
ACPE Certified Educator
HSHS St. John's Hospital
Clinical Pastoral Education Department
800 E. Carpenter
Springfield, IL 62769
(217) 544-6464, ext. 46773
Confidential Fax: (217) 535-3896


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