SAMIC Continuing Education

All classes are FREE* and held in the HSHS St. John's EMS/ED classroom.
*There is a card and book fee for ACLS and PALS, unless you have a current text.


* Denotes St. John’s EMS/ED Classroom, times listed above. Please RSVP 757-6815 so enough materials are available. Thank you.

** Denotes a course where a course fee does apply, otherwise, all classes including ACLS, PALS are free, unless you need to order a textbook, which is required for those courses.
SAMIC can provide any related EMS Basic Course concepts: ex (patient assessment, anatomy, airway)
LegalitiesWell-Being, Stress Management, CISMDifficult AirwayPeds, Concepts of Pre-Hospital Emergency CareScene Size-Up and Safety, BSIInfectious DiseasesEKG, 12-Lead EKG, CapnographyDocumentation Pharmacology, MedicationsRespiratory Emergencies Cardiac Emergencies, STEMI Stroke Awareness and TreatmentAltered Mental Status (ALOC)
Poisons, Overdose, Allergic ReactionsMultiple System Trauma AssessmentHead, Chest, Spine Injuries Abdominal InjuriesBehavioral and Psychiatric EmergenciesBleeding, Bandaging, Fractures and Splinting Practical ApplicationBurnsEnvironmental EmergenciesOB/GYNGeriatric PatientsIncident Command OperationsEmergency Vehicle DrivingHelicopter Operations and Landing ZonesHazards Materials Awareness ClassMultiple Patient IncidentsVehicle Extrication
Farm Safety and Rescue EMSRole in TerrorismWorking at a Crime SceneCoroner, Death InvestigationsCPR Healthcare Provider, AHAACLS – AHAPALS - AHAPHTLSSports InjuriesBasic Fire Fighter Operations and EMS, including Self-Contained Breathing ApparatusBLS and ALS Protocols

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