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Healing Garden Renovation

Creating a peaceful place for children and their families

Wallner family photo to support the Healing Garden renovationLocated in the HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital, the pediatric healing garden is easily accessible from the pediatric unit. When it was dedicated in 2009, it was a state-of-the art area used by patients and their families as a place to unwind and rejuvenate. Today, the garden and play area continues to be a popular outdoor space.

However, the modern healing environment calls for more stringent regulatory and patient safety guidelines than what was required a decade ago. These new measures have challenged us to rethink how to best bring the outside world to our smallest pat

Based on the personal experience of Trevor and Amy Wallner, and their desire to share their gratitude for Lucy’s good health, the couple has pledged to update the space to make it more patient-friendly and inviting for adults and children alike. The upgrades also will satisfy the new patient safety guidelines.

The renovation will provide more open spaces, and the seating will feature a neighborhood-style configuration. The new space will offer families the opportunity to enjoy the area while maintaining an element of privacy for prayer, conversation, reflection and relaxation.

Planned upgrades include:
  • Maintenance-friendly landscaping and lighting
  • Maintenance-free turf
  • Kid-friendly walking and wheelchair surfaces
  • Music
  • Wheelchair-accessible swing
  • Outdoor benches and wheelchair-accessible picnic tables
  • Synthetic trees that light up year round
  • Festive wall décor