HSHS St. John's 2017 Butter Cow unveiled
in Cafeteria

On Wednesday, the annual HSHS St. John’s Hospital Butter Cow was unveiled via cheesecloth. The reveal of the smaller artistic interpretation of the famous Illinois State Fair butter cow is a highly anticipated event at St. John’s and beyond.

The butter cow, lovingly nick-named “Frannie,” was sculpted from eight sticks of butter, totaling about two pounds. Frannie must be refrigerated overnight but will come out every day during fair-time to butter-up her fans.

This is the second annual butter cow at St. John’s. The hospital intends to maintain the tradition for years to come as many patients and families who can’t make it to the fair enjoy the mini butter cow at St. John’s.

“Last year’s butter cow artist was unavailable, so we had to herd new talent,” said Catie Sheehan, spokesperson for HSHS St. John’s Hospital. “We knew there must be an artist who would want to milk the opportunity to create a light-hearted piece for our patients, visitors and colleagues who just melt over our little butter cow display.”

The new butter cow artist wishes to remain anonymous; she goes by the alias “Buttercup.” Her smooth work is inspired by a love for farm animals and dairy products. This cow sculpture was the first for Buttercup. “I churned the idea around in my head, but ultimately, I felt mooved to create the cow,” she said.

The St. John’s butter cow display is called “Feeding Time.” It will be on display daily in St. John’s cafeteria until Sunday, August 20. The cafeteria is open to the public, but is most commonly frequented by St. John’s colleagues, patients and their loved ones.