View up to date information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the Illinois Department of Public Health
You can also visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website or our HSHS COVID-19 page.
COVID-19 Hotline

The Illinois Department of Public Health has launched a coronavirus hotline to answer questions about the coronavirus and where people can report suspected cases of the disease.
Hotline number: 800-889-3931

Child Care Helpline

A dedicated helpline has been created by the State of Illinois to help families connect with child care resources and referral agencies for emergency child care.
Helpline number: 888-228-1146

Free COVID-19 Online Assessment 

HSHS Medical Group is offering free virtual care for COVID-19-related visits through its Anytime Care app during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here to get started.

Virtual Office Visits

HSHS Medical Group is providing virtual office visits as an option for medical care to make it easy and safe for you to keep your medical appointment without coming into the clinic. Check out the virtual office visit web page for more information.

Classes and Event Cancellations and Temporary Closures List

HSHS Medical Group Regional Respiratory Hub Locations 

Visitor Restrictions