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Connect for consults, transfers


HSHS St. John’s Hospital’s regional referral center, Connect, is here to help physicians with patient consults and transfers. 

RNs with clinical expertise answer and manage every call, start to finish. Advanced protocols minimize wait time for you and your patients. 

You are kept informed of your patients’ status—and so is their primary care physician. 

Connect has physicians committed to assisting with your patient transfers from leading area physician groups: SIU HealthCare, Springfield Clinic, Orthopedic Center of Illinois, HSHS Medical Group, Central Illinois Kidney and Dialysis Associates and Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants. 

If St. John’s cannot accept your transfer patient, we will find out who can—guaranteed. When you call St. John’s Hospital, your Connect RN will need the following information to smoothly expedite the process:
  • Diagnosis
  • Service/Specialty Requested
  • Transferring Physician
  • Caller’s Name
  • Direct Callback Number
  • Transferring Facility & Department Names
  • City
  • Patient’s Name (Last/First/Middle Initial)
  • Patient’s DOB & Gender
  • Patient’s Weight & Height
  • Current Vitals