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In an emergency, we’re always ready.

As a certified Level I trauma center and a certified Level II pediatric trauma center, St. John's is prepared to provide the highest level of care for patients of all ages at a moment's notice. 

Our highly trained professionals provide real-time medical oversight and direction to paramedics when they're in the field treating patients and can activate special alert processes for heart attack and stroke patients.

Trauma patients requiring follow-up can be seen in the trauma clinic. To learn more, or make arrangements, call (217) 757-6570.

St. John’s Regional Trauma Center is a part of Illinois Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Region 3. To learn more about continuing education for EMS  providers and our participation in Springfield’s Area Mobile Intensive Care System, or SAMIC, click here.
To transfer a trauma patient, call 1-855-474-7757.
Nurse with patient in trauma bay