Stop Smoking ... Start Living

Quitting smoking is not about just breaking a “bad habit.” It is about changing your life so cigarettes are no longer a part of it. Our six-week individual program “Stop Smoking ... Start Living” is based on a model developed by Yale University using the practice of mindfulness to meet and overcome cravings for cigarettes.  

In a study comparing the mindfulness-based program with the American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking program, those who used mindfulness techniques were twice as likely to quit and had more success at staying “quit.” You are supported by a certified mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher as you develop the ability to greet and overcome cravings for nicotine through the practice of mindfulness. 

Suggested donation: $120 for the six-week program. Additional one-hour sessions are available for a suggested donation of $30 per hour.

For more information please contact Bridget Rolens by email, or by phone 
217-544-LIVE (5483).