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DorsaVi Movement Suite

HSHS St. John's Hospital TherapyCare in Chatham, Ill., now offers DorsaVi Movement Suite (DMS), the latest wearable technology to help individuals of all ages improve performance and recognize and manage injuries.
Improve performance
Are you looking to maximize your performance in the gym? DMS objectively measures your movement and muscle activity to improve technique.
Injury recognition 
A lot of the things you do each day can lead to injury – from simple activities around the house to training in the gym or even how you sit at work. Our team can pinpoint areas of concern and work with you to reduce your risk of injury.
DorsaVi Movement Suite technology

Injury management
Injuries can happen when you least expect it. DMS can measure your movement and muscle activity and find the source of pain for young and not-so-young athletes.

No physician referral is needed. For more information and pricing, call (217) 814-8165.