da Vinci™ Dual Console Robotic Surgery

HSHS St. John’s Hospital offers patients the latest robotic-assisted surgery system, the da Vinci Si. The da Vinci Si gives surgeons an enhanced three-dimensional viewing area, greater flexibility and depth perception necessary to manipulate tissue. Robotic-assisted surgery is an alternative to traditional open surgical procedures and conventional laparoscopic surgery.

The da Vinci Si Surgeon Console is set away from the actual operating table and contains the master controls the surgeon uses to operate. The handles mimic the surgeon’s natural hand and wrist movements into corresponding, precise and scaled movements. The "EndoWrist" Instruments are only able to move when commanded by the surgeon.

The dual-control da Vinci Si surgery system allows for greater collaboration for surgeons who perform robotic surgical procedures and enhance teaching opportunities at St. John's Hospital.

Surgeons at St. John’s Hospital are using the da Vinci Si for a variety of procedures.

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Advantages of Robotic Surgery

  • Smaller incisions
  • Reduced pain and trauma to the body
  • Less scaring
  • Faster recovery and return to normal daily activities
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For more information on the da Vinci Surgical System, please see Intuitive Surgical.