Personal Birth Consultants

Because we offer so many services for expectant families, we have personal birth consultants on staff to answer any questions you may have.

These RN consultants also guide families through the prenatal class registration and hospital pre-registration process.

To contact a personal birth consultant, call (217) 744-BABY (2229) or email us.

Pregnancy information

For pregnancy information, call one of our personal birth consultants. We can also mail you information about our services.

Women and Infants Center Tours

Tours of the facility are held every Tuesday evening from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. You may also call (217) 744-2229 or email a personal birth consultant if you need to make other arrangements to tour the Women and Infants Center.

Doula Services

Labor Doulas
A labor doula offers physical, emotional and informational support to parents during labor and delivery. A doula can enhance the experience by assisting with birth planning, as well as providing constant attendance during labor and birth and comfort techniques.

Postpartum Doulas
A postpartum doula can provide physical and emotional support during the first days after birth. They can assist with breastfeeding, infant care and help care for you and your baby after birth at your home.

For more information about Doula Services call the personal birth consultant (217) 744-BABY or email us

Pre-Admission Checklists


Cord Blood Banking