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Financial Assistance


At HSHS St. John's Hospital, our mission is caring for the sick and injured, regardless of the ability to pay. Even in difficult economic times, St. John's continues to provide care for those who cannot afford to pay. First class care - regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry or economic status - is our commitment.

The HSHS Financial Assistance Program through St. John's and the Christian Care for Children Program, funded by a gift through the Carol Jo Vecchie Memorial Foundation, offers financial assistance to eligible persons who have no insurance, do not qualify for government programs and cannot afford to pay for their health care.

Eligibility is determined by family income and family size. To view current guidelines, please visit the HSHS Financial Assistance Program web page and select the Financial Assistance brochure for the Illinois Single Billing Office. 

In order to qualify for assistance, you must: 
  • Complete an application form (We will help, if necessary)
  • Provide required attachments for application form
  • Provide documentation of income. 
  • Provide a statement of assets (what you own)
  • Provide evidence that you have investigated all other means of assistance, including private and public aid when appropriate.
Please call the Illinois Single Billing Office at 1-877-636-2264 for more information.