To obtain and verify registration information, you will be contacted by the hospital prior to your scheduled test or procedure, or you may pre-register online here.

By phone

Patients can pre-register on their own prior to their scheduled procedure or lab visit by calling (217) 535-3797 or toll-free (866) 466-8708, option 3. Pre-registration staff members are available: 
Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 7 pm
Friday: 8 am - 6 pm

At the hospital

When you come to the hospital patient registration staff will obtain and verify your insurance information. If appropriate, they will ask you to sign papers related to consent to treatment and insurance billing. Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID. If you have an Advance Directive (Living Will or a Power of Attorney) or any written orders, please bring those with you as well.


Care of valuables

wedding ringsWe recommend that you leave your valuables at home, or that you send them home with your relatives or friends. If this is not possible, patient registration staff will place your valuables in a safe (free  of charge) and give you a receipt. The hospital is not responsible for loss of or damage to valuables, clothing, cash or other personal items kept in your room.

To help ensure personal items are not lost, do not wrap dentures, hearing aids, wristwatches or eyeglasses in a handkerchief or tissue. Also, do not place them on your food tray. Please label items with your name. Don't hesitate to ask a staff member if you need help.