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Volunteer Opportunities

Samaritans (volunteers) provide vital services at HSHS St. John's that add to the comfort of patients and their families. The support provided by the Samaritans is invaluable. Samaritans can volunteer as little as four hours a week. We invite you to join our team.

Those interested in being a member of the Samaritan organization can select one of three levels of giving.
Service Members
Service members use their previous training and experience, as well as newly learned skills, to provide valuable service. Service members set their own hours and schedule (mornings, afternoons, evenings, during the week or on weekends).
Contributing Members
Contributing members support the Samaritans through monetary gifts and/or assistance in fund-raising activities.

Service and Contributing Members support the Samaritans both financially and by giving of their time and energies.

To learn more, call (217) 814-4205 or email us at sjs-samaritans@hshs.org.

Interested? Apply Here.