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Volunteer FAQs

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Adult volunteers must be 18 years or older, complete the application and health clearance forms, pass a background check and attend an orientation session.
Q. How do I get started?
A. Fill out a volunteer application. Our program is rewarding and fun, but requires a significant service-based commitment on your part. Please carefully consider your schedule and your ability to commit your time.
Q. What is my time commitment?
A. Volunteers keep a regular schedule of one or more shifts per week. We do ask you commit to at least one year of service. Unfortunately, we do not have short term volunteer opportunities. Most shifts are four hours, and nearly all shifts occur during regular weekday business hours.
Q. Who should I list as references?
A. You may list teachers, friends, neighbors, associates at church or social groups or anyone who can provide a reference regarding your character.
Q. Why do I need to complete a Health Clearance?
A. We need a Volunteer Health Clearance form to show proof that you:
  • Have had a negative tuberculosis tests (called a PPD) within the last 12 months.
  • Have received your immunizations for, or are immune to, rubella, measles, and mumps
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • A flu shot is also required

Volunteering is fun, rewarding and an essential part of HSHS St. John's Hospital. We look forward to having you as a part of our program!
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