Adult Clinical Trials: BREAST

RTOG 1005

A Phase III Trial of Accelerated Whole Breast Irradiation with Hypofractionation Plus Concurrent Boost Versus Standard Whole Breast Irradiation Plus Sequential Boost for
Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Patient’s stage of breast cancer must be one of the following categories:

  • Breast cancer stage I, II and at least one of the following: Positive axillary nodes, under 50 years old, lymphovascular space invasion, non-hormone sensitive cancer, Grade III histology, oncotype score >25. OR
  • Stage 0 breast cancer with nuclear grade 3 DCIS and under 50 years old. OR
  • Stage 0, I, II breast cancer resected by lumpectomy after neoadjuvant systemic therapy.

All surgeries and chemotherapy must be completed within 42 days of study entry.
No T4, N2or N3, or M1 breast cancer accepted in this trial.
Treatment plan includes regional node irradiation are ineligible.
Paget’s disease or the nipple and male breast cancer are ineligible.


Arm I: Standard fractionation whole breast optional fractionation and sequential boost
Arm II: Hypofractionation whole breast and concurrent boost