• Charity Care Program

    At HSHS St. John's, our mission is caring for the sick and injured, regardless of the ability to pay. Even in difficult economic times, St. John's Hospital continues to provide care for those who cannot afford to pay. First class care - regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry or economic status - is our commitment.

    Of course, our resources are limited. We must set limits. These guidelines are designed to make sure the resources we use to assist our patients are focused on those who are least able to pay. They are not meant to discourage anyone from seeking treatment. 

    Charity Care & Uninsured Program

    Charity Care Financial Assistance Application

    Charity Care Required Attachments 

    For additional information, or to apply, contact the hospital’s Business Office at (217) 525-5615 or 1-888-477-4221.