• Third Age Living Computer Class Offerings 

    Computer Basics 1 - Students will learn how to use a mouse and the basic operations of the Windows XP operating system. 

    Computer Basics 2 - Students will continue to work with Windows XP programs and files. You will learn how to customize the Windows program to fit your individual needs. Prerequisite-Computer Basics 1 

    Computer Basics 1 & 2 - Students will learn the same computer skills as our existing Computer 1 and Computer 2 classes, only in a condensed format. This class is for people who are eager to learn, have a home computer and are willing to be challenged. 

    Word Processing - Students will learn how to create, save and print documents on Microsoft Word. Time will be spent explaining how to edit documents by using spell check, cut, copy, paste and graphics.

    Internet/E-mail - Students will learn how to use a web browser to navigate the World Wide Web. Different search methods for finding specific information will be discussed. Students will learn how to send, receive, and use attachments for e-mail. 

    Workshops - “Facebook-Let’s Get Started”, “Moviemaker”, and “Introduction to Scanners” are examples of workshops that have been offered.