• Education & Training 

    Classes and Screenings 

    HSHS St. John’s offers classes on everything from CPR, to preparation for breastfeeding and courses for emergency medical service providers. To view a listing of all classes offered visit the Event & Classes section. 

    Clinical Education 

    St. John's College, Department of Nursing 

    St. John's College’s world-class clinical sites and educational facilities can prepare you for many different nursing career options. 

    St. John's Hospital School of Clinical Laboratory Science 

    More than 30 certified medical laboratory scientists, specialists and pathologists provide classroom and individual clinical instruction throughout the 44-week program. This program fulfills the senior year baccalaureate degree requirement for 10 college/university academic affiliates.

    St. John's School of Respiratory Therapy 

    St. John's Hospital, together with Lincoln Land Community College, provides a 21-month associate's degree program for advanced-level respiratory care practitioners.

    Electroneurodiagnostic (END) Technology School 

    St. John's END School is now part of Lincoln Land Community College. For more information, contact the Lincoln Land Community College Health Professions Advisor at (217) 786-2224. 

    Clinical Pastoral Education at St. John's Hospital  

    St. John’s is a nationally accredited training center not only for persons pursuing employment and/or board certification as professional chaplains, but also for clergy wishing to enhance their pastoral skills, for students of ministry who need a clinical component as part of their formal studies, and for qualified lay persons who want to assist with and participate in pastoral care ministries.