• Leadership

    Administrative Staff

    Charles Lucore, MD, President & CEO
    TEL: 217-757-6255
    Email: charles.lucore@hshs.org

    Dave Olejniczak, Chief Operating Officer
    TEL: 217-757-6256
    Email: dave.olejniczak@hshs.org

    Gurpreet Mander, MD, Chief Medical Officer
    TEL: 217-814-4578
    Email: gurpreet.mander@hshs.org

    Allison Paul, Executive Director, Children's Hospital and Women's Services
    and Interim Chief Nursing Officer

    TEL: 217-757-6395
    Email: allison.paul@hshs.org  

    Beverly Neisler, Chief Development Officer
    TEL: 217-544-6464, ext. 45160
    Email: bev.neisler@hshs.org

    Patty Allen, Vice President, Finance 
    TEL: 217-757-6576
    Email: patty.allen@hshs.org  

    Amy Jones, Executive Director, Emergency Services, Trauma, Case Management & Social Services
    TEL: 217-814-4605
    Email: amy.jones@hshs.org

    St. John's Board of Directors

    John Slayton, Chair
    Robert Bunn
    Richard Corkery
    Donald Graham
    J. Michael Houston
    Timothy Nicoud
    Trudy Nelson
    Roger Sables
    Lynn Scott
    Sister Marybeth Culnan, OSF
    Charles Lucore, MD 

    St. John's Advisory Council

    Jenna Beyers
    John Blythe
    Bob Cusick
    Albert O. Eck, Jr.
    Douglas King
    Kevin Lust
    Dona McGraw
    Harry Mitchell
    Jackie Newman
    Mark Ridley
    Sister Helen Marie Plummer, OSF