• Regional Wound Care Center

    HSHS St. John’s Regional Wound Care Center, located in St. John's Pavilion, provides patients with a wide array of treatment options under the guidance of physicians and staff who are trained in wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. More importantly, the physicians and staff empower patients to prevent wounds from recurring.

    The Center features two hyperbaric oxygen chambers that deliver high pressure oxygen in a safely controlled environment. Evidence shows that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, when used correctly, results in more timely healing of non-healing wounds.

    Specialists who provide care at the Center work closely with the patient’s primary care physician and track the patient’s progress by several outcome measures, including digital imaging processes. Information regarding the patient's progress, along with updated photos of the wound, are submitted to the referring physician on an ongoing basis. 

    Contact Us

    A physician’s referral is not required to obtain care at the Regional Wound Care Center. For more information, call (217) 757-6644.