• Staffing Requirements  

    Consistent with the ASHP Guidelines, each resident will be required to complete a pharmacy practice component of the residency program. Although often referred to as “staffing” this practice component is another learning opportunity within the framework of the residency program.

    This experience is crucial to the development of professional practice skills and the development of pharmacy practice distribution skills. The resident will gain proficiency in distribution skills and the incorporation of clinical services, develop personnel management skills, and acquire insight into the operations and policies and procedures of acute care facilities. The guidelines for the Pharmacy Practice Component follow:

    1. Each resident is expected to practice as a pharmacist throughout the residency year.
    2. Staffing will be assigned as every third weekend.
    3. Residents, as part of the professional staff of the department, are expected to assist with holiday coverage during the residency year. Residents are expected to cover one major holiday shift (Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Year’s Day) and one minor holiday shift (Memorial day, July 4th, Labor day) during the residency year. Every effort will be made to accommodate a resident’s preference for the specific holiday assignment. The Operations Manager will decide the final day and shift for major or minor holidays.

    Evaluations of the resident’s performance in this component of the residency program will be completed quarterly and at the end of the residency year and will be completed by the Operations Manager. Residents are expected to complete an evaluation of the staffing component and offer suggestions for improvement of operational procedures that will increase the scope and quality of pharmacy services.