• For Vic, life was about the little things; time with his wife, playing with the grandkids, vacations with friends, then an MRI revealed a brain aneurysm. Fortunately, his physician sent him to HSHS St. John's where our expert team performed a new minimally invasive treatment to repair Vic's aneurysm, stopping a stroke before it started.  

    Three days after brain surgery, Vic was back home with Ray, thankful for the little thing that made a big difference. St. John's offers coil embolization and stat stroke protocols that are leading the way in stroke intervention.

    We treat strokes like no one else

    Introducing STAT Stroke--only from HSHS St. John’s and SIU HealthCare. Featuring a Springfield-based neurointerventionist, St. John’s STAT Stroke team uses rapid response protocols created in collaboration with St. John’s renowned Prairie Heart Institute. By intervening directly at the site of the stroke we can minimize, and potentially avoid, debilitating brain damage. 


    The physicians and staff at St. John’s Neurosciences Institute work with referring physicians and medical staff to assist the patient throughout the treatment and recovery process. From the first diagnosis to a successful reintegration into the community, St. John’s regional Neurosciences Institute can provide a connected, comprehensive approach to neurological care.

    Stroke Intervention

    St. John's new minimally invasive coil embolization treatment can repair a brain aneurysm and stop a stroke before it starts. Using advanced imaging, St. John's stroke interventionist guides a tiny coil through an artery in a patient's leg to the brain, repairing the aneurysm and preventing a stroke.

    Excellent care close to home

    St. John’s Hospital can treat patients who previously would have had to travel to St. Louis or Peoria for neurointerventional procedures (such as those used to treat strokes and aneurysms).

    Within minutes of arriving at St. John's Hospital, a patient with signs of stroke receives an evaluation of symptoms that results in a quick diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Designated by The Joint Commission as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center, only St. John’s STAT Stroke offers:

    • Around-the-clock access to a stroke neurologist
    • Collaborative review of the patient’s clinical presentation and CT Scan image
    • Selection of a full range of treatment options, including rapid transport for definitive interventional or surgical care
    • Real-time nurse-to-nurse coordination
    • Transport arrangements and guaranteed bed placement
    • Follow-up with and feedback to referring physician