Performance Enhancement
  • Performance Enhancement 

    In today’s competitive athletic world, you need a winning edge — you need speed, agility, power and strength — and you can get it with the proven performance enhancement programs offered by AthletiCare.These programs are for athletes age 12 and older and for all interests and skill levels. Call (217) 744-FAST (3278) to learn more, or register.


    Kurt Turner, ATC/L
    Acceleration Facilitator

    The Acceleration program consists of 18 training sessions and a pre- and post- evaluation. The pre-evaluation consists of a series of tests to determine speed, agility and vertical jump. Athletes are instructed on proper running mechanics, linear and lateral speed, agility, quickness, lower body strength and power development. The athlete commits to training three times per week for approximately 60 — 90 minutes. 

    Individual Price: $375
    Group of 3 — 5/St. John’s Employee Discount: $350
    Group of 6 — 10: $325
    Group of 11 and up: $300
    Individual Session: $25 per session

    To maximize the program benefits, AthletiCare recommends athletes begin seven to eight weeks before their respective seasons.

    Begin program   Sport  
    Mid December - January Track & Girls Soccer
    Mid January Baseball & Softball
    Mid June Football, Cross Country, Boys Soccer and Volleyball
    Mid August - September Boys and Girls Basketball
    Mid October - November Wresting

    Ground-based Acceleration program  

    This is a six-week, 12- session program that incorporates ground-based speed, agility and plyometric exercises into a complete conditioning program without the use of the patented high-speed treadmill. Athletes commit to training two times a week for six weeks. Sessions last approximately 60 minutes.

    Price: $270 | Individual session: $20

    Acceleration Cord programs  

    Cord programs involve throwing, hitting and kicking applications while using cords. This patented program is a unique training technique to enhance the power of the throwing, hitting and kicking motions. A strengthening and/or plyometric program is added to this program for advanced conditioning. Athletes commit to training two times per week for either three or six weeks.

    Price for 6 weeks (12 sessions): $300
    Price for 3 weeks (6 sessions): $150
    Individual session: $25

    Runners Clinic  

    The Runners Clinic at AthletiCare is specially designed for runners of all ages and skill levels. Digital video software is used to analyze running performance and create an individualized treatment program to support a return to peak performance.

    The Clinic is staffed by a sports medicine physician, physical therapist and an athletic trainer who have specialized training in:

    • Running mechanics evaluation
    • Injury diagnosis, treatment and prevention
    • Performance enhancement
    • Advice on nutrition and training
    • Shoe recommendation
    • Orthotic fitting

    Fee to analyze your running performance is $100. Please note this cost is not reimbursable by private medical insurance or Medicare. Cash or check accepted. Call (217) 744 PLAY (7529) to schedule your appointment. 

    VO2 Max Testing

    VO2 max is the maximal capacity of an individual’s body to transport and utilize oxygen during exercise. It indirectly measures the athlete’s ability to do maximal aerobic work.

    Athleticare offers VO2 max testing for those who want to improve their endurance training. Everyone from “deconditioned” athletes to high-performance athletes can benefit from this testing.

    Clients exercise on a treadmill while wearing a mask. The mask directs the gas they breathe into a machine to be analyzed. The device detects the client’s aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold and peak VO2. It shows how the client’s cardiovascular system responds to exercise.

    Once you obtain your VO2 max, AthletiCare staff develops a training program to maximize your time and effort in order to achieve peak performance.

    Please note: VO2 max testing is offered to healthy, exercising people under the age of 45. If you are older or have known heart disease, more appropriate testing can be performed for you in the hospital. VO2 max testing is an out-of-pocket expense. Cost is $100.