Cardiovascular and Prairie Heart Institute Service Line
  • Cardiovascular and Prairie Heart Institute Service LIne

  • Lucore, Charles

    Charles Lucore, MD

    Vice President of Clinical Integration
    Executive Director Prairie Heart Institute at St. John's Hospital
    Department Chair of Cardiology

    Mishkel, Greg

    Gregory Mishkel, MD

    Co-Medical Director Cath Lab

    Goswami, Nileshi

    Nilesh Goswami, MD

    Co-Medical Director Cath Lab

    Woodruff, Robert

    Robert Woodruff, MD

    Medical Director Echocardiography

    Goldstein, Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Goldstein, MD

    Medical Director Prairie Diagnostic Center

    Novak, Holly

    Holly Novak, MD

    Medical Director Cardiac Rehab

    Moulton, Kriegh

    Kreigh Moulton, MD

    Medical Director Electrophysiology


    William Pyle, MD

    Medical Director Cardiac Recovery Unit/Cardiac Care Unit

    Kolluri, Raghu

    Raghu Kolluri, MD

    Medical Director Vascular/Prairie Diagnostic


    Kim Hodgson, MD

    Department Chair of Vascular Surgery

    Stevens, William

    William Stevens, MD

    Department Chair of Thoracic Surgery

    Gleason, Ted

    Theodore Gleason, MD

    Department Chair of Radiology

    Long, Scott MD

    Scott Long, MD