Janet Nix
  • Meet Janet Nix

    My story is a familiar to many who choose to have bariatric surgery. I grew up as a “chubby” little girl who grew into an overweight teen and adult. Battling weight issues has been a lifetime challenge. The only time I had a “handle” on my weight was in my mid 20’s. I had to obsessively diet and exercise to keep it under control. Even then, I was still considered overweight for my height.


    I gradually lost the control and pretty much gave up – slowly gaining weight over the years. I excelled in every area of my life – school, work, relationships – but the weight was still there. I decided it must be an “emotional” issue and went to therapy for two years to figure out why I kept on the weight. I learned a lot through therapy. I learned 1) anxiety equaled hunger to me; 2) I used food as a reward; 3) my weight was a form of protection from my somewhat dysfunctional family life. Wow, I figured it out, now the weight should fall off, right? Well, it didn’t! Sure, I would lose a little, but only to gain it back and then some.

    Feeling like a constant failure in this area of my life, I finally realized that I needed help. I decided to talk to a Dr. Ahad about my options. She was wonderful and took the time to understand my issues with food and discuss what options would be best for my lifestyle.

    We decided that the gastric bypass was the best choice. The results have been nothing less than a miracle. One year later I have lost 110 lbs. The biggest impact for me is the energy that I have – I didn’t know how tired I was hauling around an extra 100 lbs of fat until it was gone!

    I am grateful everyday for Dr. Ahad and her team for helping me find my way back to health and wellness.