• Orthopedic Services at St. John's Hospital 

    Orthopedic Services at St. John’s Hospital are provided by a team of specialized health care professionals who actively involve patients and their families in the care plan. We focus on the individual patient as a whole and incorporate their goals in the recovery plan. This helps ensure outcomes that return our patients to the lifestyle they desire.

    Orthopedic services include musculoskeletal injuries to the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons, and conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Sports injuries, trauma, spine, fractures, chronic pain and total joint replacements are the main reasons why patients need orthopedic care. 

    AthletiCare, our sports medicine program, offers comprehensive training, prevention and outpatient rehabilitation services for weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts and high school, college and professional athletes in Central Illinois.

    Many of our orthopedic patients use the full continuum of care available through St. John’s: outpatient physical and aquatic therapy, pain management, stress management/mind-body medicine and home health rehab.

    For more information about orthopedic services at St. John's, email us

    To learn more about specific orthopedic conditions, visit the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website.