• Inpatient rehabilitation at St. John's Hospital

    Rehabilitation services while in the hospital involve evaluating and treating patients with a wide variety of diagnoses or medical problems. This includes conditions such as general weakness, stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, trauma or after any type of surgery.

    The main goal for therapy while in the hospital is to identify changes in physical functionoccupational performance or speech/language/swallowing skills and then set goals and treatment approaches to begin the recovery process.

    The therapists, along with patients and interdisciplinary team, help determine the best discharge plan based on the patient’s needs, which may include further therapy. Patients that require more frequent and intensive therapy than what is standard in the hospital are encouraged to receive further services in an inpatient rehab unit, skilled nursing unit, through home care or outpatient services.

    St. John’s Rehabilitation Department also offers therapy in the hospital’s Transitional Care Unit. Patients admitted to the Transitional Care Unit are admitted to help improve the level of function through more intense therapy services in order to help them return to the prior residence. Discharge planning occurs with all members of the medical team and the length of stay can vary from patient to patient, but is generally less than two weeks.